Metal processing, design bureau
and production of metal structures according to ready-made drawings
Plasma cutting of sheet metal with thickness from 2 to 32 mm

Metal cutting is carried out on a special set of equipment, the basis of which is a table
for plasma cutting, the working area of which allows you to place various plates (aluminum,
steel black,
steel stainless) with a maximum size of 2000×3000 mm. High quality and cutting speed
provided through the use of a mechanized plasma cutting system Hypertherm Powermax 105
– USA).

The machine allows you to cut sheet metal of any contour, while optimizing cutting and minimizing
outlay. To control the cutting process, a modern software package is used – Mach3,
Which one
allows you to achieve maximum accuracy of parts in their serial production.

The availability of a high-quality plasma cutting system and qualified equipment operators allow us
execute orders of any complexity at the request of the customer.
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Cutting of steel and aluminum round and pipe products on band saws

Cutting of rolled products is carried out on special equipment – a band saw machine with one installed on it
band saw. For cutting machines MIT (production – Ukraine), PILOUS are used
– Czech Republic) and BMSY810CGH (BEKAMAK). The equipment allows cutting of rolled steel
(circle, pipe, channel, corner, etc.) with high precision and high-quality cut, which ensures efficient
materials and minimal waste.

Main parameters of the equipment:

Characteristic Maximum workpiece size, mm
When cutting at an angle
at 90 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 60 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 45 degrees
round cross-section
400 335 260
square cross-section
360×360 335×335 260×260
rectangular cross-section
500×360 400×335 260×335

Speed of movement of the canvas

35-74 m/min

Cutting productivity

up to 28 cm2 /min

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Characteristic Maximum workpiece size, mm
When cutting at an angle
at 90 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 60 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 45 degrees
round cross-section
250 335 125
square cross-section
240×240 190×190 120×120
rectangular cross-section
200 190×190 120×130

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Characteristic Maximum workpiece size, mm
When cutting at an angle
at 90 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 60 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 45 degrees
When cutting at an angle
at 30 degrees
round cross-section
810 670 530 260
square cross-section
770×770 650×650 520×520 260×260
rectangular cross-section
810×770 650×770 500×750 260×335

Cutting speed

from 20 to 100 m/min

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Turning and milling of various parts

Turning of parts is one of the most popular types of work on the processing of various blanks made of aluminum, steel or cast iron, since with its help it is possible not only to make the necessary part, but also significantly
save material. The possibilities of metal turning on machines are quite wide and include:

  • • Threading (internal and external) of all sizes and types;
  • • Cutting grooves in blanks of various shapes;
  • • Countersinking and drilling holes of various diameters;
  • • Grinding of cones and cylinders;
  • • Processing of ends of metal blanks;
  • • Creation of grooved surfaces on parts;
  • • Other types of work with the use of a lathe cutter.

LLC “ALIT”). In particular, the company has both classic lathes 16K20 and 16B05A, and modernized coordinate machines with CNC 24K40SF4 and lathes / milling machines production Extensive professional experience in
turning and milling processing, high-quality and reliable equipment allows us to produce products of very complex geometry, while ensuring high accuracy of finished products.

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Cutting of sheet metal on guillotine scissors

An alternative to cutting sheet metal on plasma is to cut it on special guillotine scissors, which allow you to cut sheets in a straight line with high accuracy. At the disposal of ALIT LLC there is a modern hydraulic guillotine DURMA SBT 3010 with a high-strength frame and a cutting turning beam, which
allows cutting of sheets of black metal with a thickness of 1 to 10 mm, and stainless steel – from 1 to 6 mm with a maximum cutting length of up to 3100 mm.

Cutting (cutting) the sheet on the guillotine is perfect for those who want to get perfectly smooth edges of workpieces without burrs and curvature, since cutting with the DURMA SBT 3010 guillotine is carried out with a flat blade simultaneously along the entire length of the metal being cut, while providing a speed of 13 cuts per minute.

CharacteristicEd. min.ValueCovel angle°1°30′

Maximum sheet thickness (450 N/mm2) mm 10
Maximum sheet thickness (700 N/mm2) mm 6
Cutting length mm 3100
Number of downforce cylinders state 16
Number of cuts per minute min/max 13
Rear stop mm 1000

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Production of non-standard metal structures according to the customer's drawings

Companies engaged in manufacturing or construction activities often encounter in their practice
with a situation where it is necessary to apply a metal structure that has non-standard dimensions. As
buy one
metal construction in a regular store is impossible, the only way out will be the manufacture
metal structures by individual order. However, not every industrial enterprise is capable of
cope with non-standard
metal structures, because their manufacture often requires the presence of a large
a fleet of highly specialized machine tools and experienced specialists.

ALIT LLC has been engaged in metalworking and production of metal structures for more than 15 years, which allows us to
to produce various non-standard metal structures to order, while ensuring high quality work,
price with minimum production time and full compliance with the requirements of the Customer. Availability
own engineering and design department makes it possible to form the entire package of the necessary technical
documentation in
in case of its absence during the initial order, and the experience of our specialists will allow you to solve the whole
range of possible tasks.

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Quite often, in the production or assembly of metal structures of various configurations, it is required to provide
connecting the different parts, which can be done in two main ways: assembly with hardware (bolts,
nuts, etc.)
or by welding, providing a reliable, durable, non-detachable connection.

Our company has its own welding shop, which employs high-class specialists capable of performing
welding works of any complexity using TIG/MIG/MAG welding technologies.

During the work of the welding shop, we have accumulated a huge experience of the work performed, which allows us to satisfy
all the requirements of any individual order, if necessary, involving our own engineering and design

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