ALIT LLC is the only domestic manufacturer of PAS type thermostats.

Thermo cartridges

Thermo cartridgeThermal cartridges PASThermo cartridge

One of the most common ways to connect is non-isolated
steel-aluminum and aluminium wires in the loops of overhead line supports
Power transmission is thermite welding of connected wires using
thermal cartridge type PAS.

Thermal cartridge PAS is a solid product consisting of
from a thermite stick pressed on a steel tube and a liner
Made of aluminum alloy. On the termite checker on the side there is a red mark,
indicating the place from which the burning with a thermite match is performed.
In the process of combustion, the temperature of the thermite checker reaches 2000 ° C,
which makes it easy to melt the liner inside the steel tube
Made of aluminum alloy and perform the connection of two wires.
All thermo cartridges are packed in strong waxed paper,
on the surface of which the marking is marked with stamp paint.

When using thermal cartridges, there is no need for an expensive
press equipment – it will be enough to perform the work
devices for thermite welding and special thermite matches together
with standard mounting tools.

With proper welding of two wires using a thermostat
it turns out to create a reliable connection that provides a good
electrical contact (voltage drop on the connection section is not greater,
than on a similar section of wire of the same length) and the necessary mechanical
strength. However, due to the fact that the maximum withstanding mechanical
the load of the connection from the welded wires does not exceed 10-15% of the breaking
strength of the wire, it is permissible to use such a connection only when connecting
wires in the plumes of overhead power line poles, where there are no wires
significant mechanical loads.


Thermo cartridge type Diameter of welded wires, mm Sleeve diameter, mm* Weight, kg*
PAS-120 15,2 – 15,8 16,2+1.0 0,175
PAS-150 16,8-17,5 18,2+1.0 0,24
PAS-185 18,8-20,0 20,3+1.0 0,38
PAS-240 21,6-22,4 22,7+1.0 0,46
PAS-300 24,0 – 25,6 26,7+1.0 0,62
PAS-400 26,0 – 29,2 30,5+1.0 0,77
PAS-500 29,4-31,5 32,2+1.0 0,78

*Actual parameters may differ from those indicated while maintaining the installation and operational properties of the product.

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