The largest manufacturer of linear fittings for power transmission lines in Ukraine

We manufacture, install and service
high-voltage fittings for open power transmission lines
switchgears, power plants and substations
since 1999. Today we are
the only manufacturer of conductors and rigidly
busbars price Ukraine | The enterprise has successfully mastered
production of busbars for electrical facilities
and supporting metal structures for construction
solar power plants.

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Our regular customers are power plants and construction and installation organizations in Ukraine, the CIS countries, the Baltic States, the European Union, as well as various countries in Asia and Africa.

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The main office of the company is located in Kiev, and production facilities are located in Odessa. The close-knit team “ALIT” employs 170 highly qualified employees, which are based on experienced specialists, including
including engineers from various technical fields: power engineering, foundry workers, mechanics and mechanical engineering.

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The high quality of our products is ensured not only by technical means, our own engineering potential, but also by multi-stage technical control using verified non-destructive tools
control and mechanical tests. A quality management system has been implemented at the production site, an ISO 9001 certificate has been received, the products are certified in the UkrSEPRO system and are periodically tested in an independent laboratory testing
center of LLC “Testing and certification center” Yugtest “. In addition, the conductors and rigid busbars have successfully passed qualification tests at CJSC “VIT”.


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The company carries out serial production of a wide range of products:
• busducts and complete busbars, insulated with rated voltage up to 35 kV for rated current up to 33000 A of various series: IPB
AL (phase-shielded generator voltage), SPB AL (phase-separate) and NSPB AL (phase-inseparable);
• busbars of rigid rated voltage 35-750 kV;
• busbars for rated voltage
35-750 kV;
• linear fittings for fastening bare wires of overhead power lines;
• spiral fittings for overhead power lines;
• PAS shrink fit chucks for welding bare wires
Power lines;
• supporting metal structures for photovoltaic panels.

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To maintain a high level of quality of manufactured products, the workshops of the enterprise are equipped with new modern specialized equipment. We have at our disposal turning / milling / coordinate machines with CNC, tables
plasma cutting, robotic and manual welding stations, pipe bending and sheet-bending equipment, painting booth, band saws, threading machines, sharpening machines, pressing equipment and much more.

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In addition to producing its own products, ALIT LLC provides various services and is able to provide installation and maintenance of equipment on its own, which allows the company to participate in the implementation of contracting
works in large projects. Our own design office allows us to solve problems of any complexity in the development of new products and introduce them into production in the shortest possible time.

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The products are constantly being improved, their competitiveness and performance characteristics are increasing: reliability, durability, mechanical and electrical strength. Enterprise maintains industry standards
quality, provides professional advice and technical support, including in solving the most non-standard problems. LLC “ALIT” – reliability, strength, durability.

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Audit Report of ALIT_2020 LLC

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